Remedial and Relaxation Massage are proven to soothe muscle tiredness, relieve stress and improve sleep quality. We offer health fund rebates for remedial massage which has added benefits of relieving pain & deep muscular tension, injury management & rehabilitation.

Pregnancy massage for the Mum to be can aid in fluid retention, joint pain, sciatica, and muscle tension. At Quay Day Spa our highly trained therapist and range of massage therapies will ease your body and mind of stress and tension.
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Body Treatments

Hot Stone Massage
60m | $135
90m | $180
Remedial Massage | Chinese Remedial Massage
*Health Fund rebates available.
30m | $75
60m | $100
Relaxation Massage
30m | $75
60m | $100
Pregnancy Bliss Massage

30m | $75
60m | $100
Upgrade your massage
Hot Stones (back only) $35   
Body Exfoliation $35  Feet Treat $35

*Chinese Remedial Massage 'Tui Na' begins by gently warming the area to bring blood and Qi(chee) to the surface. Tui Na is a stronger style of massage performed over the clothing. Using particular manual techniques tailored to your individual needs, Tui na is  a deep, therapeutic treatment.  


Claire Williams has been a Chinese Medicine Practionioner since 2018. Traditional Chinese medicine explains acupuncture as a technique for balancing the flow of energy of life force known as qi (chee) - believed to flow through the pathways (merdians) in your body. 

Claire has a special interest in Japanaese Acupuncture (Kiiko Style) which uses your bodies own feedback to assist with diagnosis and treatment. Japanese acupuncture is appreciated for being a gentler style of needling, using smaller needles and more superficial insertion.
Initial Consultation
Subsequent Appointment

60m | $145
45m | $125
Level 2/31 Cambridge Rd, 
Bellerive, TAS 7018

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